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Global Citizenship Energy


We are currently working on our 7th Green Flag. The committee are doing excellent work in school. They have helped co-ordinate activities in the school and are assisting Mr.s McCormick and the other teachers in educating the children around the theme of Energy and Global Citizenship. Some of the things they are doing or have done include: 

  • The Shoebox Appeal for Team Hope
  • Creating a noticeboard on Global Citizenship Energy
  • Finding out about how people around the world heat their homes
  • Creating a tip sheet on saving energy
  • Finding aout about Climate Change
  • Monitoring electricity usage in the school
  • Trying to reduce energy consumption
  • Checking lights and plugs to ensure they are turned off when not in use



Shoebox Appeal for Team Hope

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Fairtrade lessons

1st and 2nd class and 3rd and 4th class were very busy before Christmas learning about Fairtrade. As part of this, they were encouraged to buy Fairtrade items and bring the labels into school. The labels were collected in two jars and counted after Christmas to find out who the winner was. Both classes made such a big effort, the teachers couldn't believe it! 
The results were:
1st and 2nd: 293
3rd and 4th: 318
Well done boys and girls, you did amazing! Have a look at our display below.  

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Day



Green School Committee

The members of the Green Committee are Laura, Bridget, Brónagh, Hannah, Cillian, James and Adam, Neisha, Evan, Eyrn and Emma and Mrs. McCormick. 

We are working hard to achieve our new flag!

Some of the new things that we have been doing to achieve our new flag include:
  • Taking part in the Marys Meals backpack project
  • Learning about Irish Aid and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Taking part in the Friendship Tree Project with schools in Uganda
  • Learning how to say hello in different languages
  • Planting in the vegetable garden
Some of the things we have planned for the future include:
  • Fairtrade lessons for all classes
  • Bringing in Fairtrade items to the school
  • Looking at links we have with different countries

Attention all pupils!

The Green Schools Committee are looking for pupils to bring in Fair Trade packaging to school. You can give your packaging to Mrs. McCormick. 
We also recently completed a litter and waste audit where we identified some areas for improvement for each class. 

Junior and Senior Infants

  • Take home lunch packaging
  • Reuse toilet roll tubes for Art
1st & 2nd Class
  • Take uneaten full pieces of fruit home
3rd & 4th Class
  • Do not use the silver bin for recyclable waste
  • Start reusing small bits of paper
5th & 6th Class
  • Reuse small pieces of paper