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Christy comes to teach 1st- 6th classess tin whistle every year. Mrs Masterson also starts tin whistle with her class in the second half of the year. We will post some pictures of us playing tin whistle when Christy comes this year. 

I'll Go

We were very fortunate to have Jerry Early, Paul McDevitt and Jimmy Stafford visit our school in February. Jerry wrote a song called 'I'll Go' about the Arranmór lifeboat rescue. The children in St. Safan's learned the song and they really enjoyed singing it. When Jimmy and Paul from Highland Radio heard about this, they asked Jerry Early to visit the school to sing the song with the children. Christy Muray was then called on to teach the children the tune on the tin whistle. They only had one week to prepare and all the children from 3rd- 6th could play 'I'll Go' when Jerry arrived.Jerry told everyone the story behind the song and why he decided to write it.
After that, some children accompanied Jerry on the whistle while the rest of the chilldren sang the song. This was recorded for Highland Radio along with interviews with some teachers, visitors and children. This was a lovely experience for the children and the whole school community and when it was broadcast on Highland Radio Paul and Jimmy talked about what a wonderful experience it was for them too. It won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Jerry, Jimmy and Paul visit our school