Board of Management

John McGrenra- Chairperson
Fr. M. Porter- Patron's Nominee
Tracey McBride- Principal
Naomi McCormick- Teacher's Nominee
Emma Lawrence- Parent's Nominee
Donal Foy- Parent's Nominee
Mairead Holmes- Community Nominee
Daniel McMenamin- Community Nominee

School Staff 2018/ 2019

Ms. T. McBride- Principal and Special Education Teacher
Mrs P. Masterson - Junior & Senior Infant and 1st Class Teacher
Mrs. R. Burke- 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class Teacher
Mrs. N. McCormick- 5th & 6th Class Teacher

A Brief Description of St. Safan's

St. Safan's is a 4 teacher school with a Learning Support teacher based in the school. We are located in a picturesque, rural setting. The school consists of 4 modern, bright, well-resourced classrooms and a new Learning Support classroom. We are blessed with a spacious tarmacked playing area to the front of the school and an expansive green area to the back for football and free play. We also have a mini woodland, a picnic area, a butterfly patch and a school garden.  

A Look Around Our School

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Mrs. Masterson's Room

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Mrs. Burke's Room

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Mrs. McCormick's Room

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Ms. McBride's Room

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Learning Support Classroom

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St. Safan's was opened by Fr. Rafferty on Thursday the 24th of November 1994. It is located in Doneyloop, in the parish of Castlefinn and Urney, It is named after St. Safan, who was bursar in the convent of Urney, which was founded by St. Cognat. Later she left to become Abbess of Clonbroney in Longford. She died in 739. Her feast day is the 19th of December.

What do the pupils have to say about school?

5th & 6th Class

3rd & 4th Class

I like school because we do loads of fun things like Art, swimming, skipping, science, PE and Drama. We have a lot of area outside to play and I also like the Green School Committee- Hannah
I like the school that I go to because we do lots of activities such as Drama, céilí dancing, gymnastics, tin whistle, crocheting and swimming- Lauren 
I really like our school because we do lots of games for math and the teachers are all so kind and so nice. We also do swimming, Drama, tin whistle, Gaelic and gymnastics at our school. That is what I like about the best school ever- Ellen
I like this school because they do lots of activities like tin whistle with Christy, crocheting, swimming, Drama, gymnastics and céilí dancing with Clement. It is very fun and you enjoy it too.The teachers are very nice too. They help you with a lot of things and they pick good Art too- Sarah

1st & 2nd Class

Teachers are nice- Sean

We have a treasure chest- Keeva

Science is exciting- James

School is super fun- Laura

I love playing tag and skipping outside- Naithíea

We go on school trips- Eoin 

Junior and Senior Infants

We like it when we play with toys. 
We like when we do gymnastics. 
We like playing dress-up. 
We like everything about this school.