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*Please note that all policies below have been ratified by the BOM unless otherwise stated*

Covid- 19 Policy Statement


Child Safeguarding Statement (reviewed Jan 2019)

st safans child safeguarding 2018.docx (1647928)

Notification of review carried out

Anti Bullying Policy (reviewed Jan 2019)

AntiBullyingPolicy.docx (30792)


Health and Safety Statement (updated March 2019)

Special Educational Needs Policy (updated March 2019)


RSE Policy (updated March 2019)


Stay Safe Policy (updated March 2019)


Critical Incidence Policy

Critical Incidence Policy 2017 website.docx (49831)


Healthy Eating Policy



Teaching Practice/ Work Placement Policy

Teaching Practice (updated).docx (1644022)


School self evaluation Jan 2019


Administration of Medicine (updated Nov 2018)

St Safans Medicine Policy 2018.docx (244449)

Assessment and Recording

Assessment - Recording Policy.pdf (74,4 kB)

Attendance Policy.pdf (97,6 kB)


Data Protection (updated Nov 2018)
Draft_School_Data_Protection_Policy.docx (70512)


Enrolment (updated 2019)
Enrolment_ Policy.docx (52666)


Learning Support
Learning Support Policy.pdf (282,8 kB)


Special Educational Needs

Special Needs Education Policy.pdf (132,4 kB)


Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour St. Safans.pdf (177461)

Substance Abuse (updated 2019)